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Anonymous asked:

Vegans don't encourage dog training because doing tricks for entertainment is not why someone should be adopting a dog. That refers to people who train and exploit dogs on mass scales, not the average human who teaches their companion to fetch or roll over.











wait, so if i train dogs for a living, i’d be exploiting them?

i must be a shitty vegan then, that’s my life goal

Personally I think not training a dog and expecting it to figure out how to “behave” on its own is cruel. Training a dog not only teaches them skills to figure out life in human society but it also gives them mental and physical stimulation.

My dogs love training sessions and hate it when they end.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with training a dog to “behave” in the way that we want it to, but I do have an issue with teaching it tricks (i.e. standing on its back feet with no help)

What’s wrong with tricks? Behavior is behavior.

I don’t condone teaching back flips but not out of some weird “tricks are bad” thing but because depending on the dog’s build it can be bad for their joints.

I feel that tricks like the one I listed are demeaning to the animal and I’m all about respecting them and not treating them like toys. Now it’s one thing to teach them useful things like sit, stay, lie down, heel, come, etc. or even an unusual thing like training the dog to keep a kid safe because the kid likes to run off and stuff or giving them a job like herding sheep (i.e. Border Collies). All of that is okay in my opinion, but tricks that are just for shiggles and have absolutely no true value to the dogs training are what I have a problem with.

Except yknow mental and physical enrichment. My dogs know tricks. Not as many as they should (I’m more into bmod than anything I want to do ALL THE BMOD) but they know sit pretty (often called beg), high five, “do your yoga”, “bang”, weave, etc etc. They also know some behaviors that border between tricks and just helpful behavior (between, over, under, on, off, paws (paw targeting), touch, back, speak, whoa, etc)

Guess I don’t respect my dogs even though my life revolves around them hahaha

Oh man. I love it when people try to say they respect their animals just because “their life revolves around them.” This doesn’t mean you respect them. I bet you could talk to some really shitty dog trainers (or horse trainers especially) and ask them if their life revolved around their animals and they would tell you yes, yes it does. I know a ton of shitty horse trainers that train and ride horses for a living and it’s literally almost their entire life but they don’t respect their animals one bit. But no, good try.

You see, physical and mental enrichment can be done without teaching dogs tricks of little to no value. Take your dog for a run. Play fetch with them. Take them swimming. All of that helps for physical enrichment. Worried about your dog’s mental enrichment? Teach them things that have value like teaching them to bring you your, I dunno, your slippers or the tv remote. Whatever. Although it isn’t the best solution, the dog is basically given a job and this helps with mental enrichment since the dog must have a vocabulary developed to know the difference between his toys and your slipper.

And you know what would help with both physical and mental enrichment? Agility courses.

It really just absolutely bugs me when people teach their dogs stupid tricks that have no true value when they could easily do a different approach but don’t want to. I don’t like any animals being taught these kinds of tricks period though. From dogs to horses to whales.

*No, I do not think this is exploitation. Just demeaning to the animals. A lack of respect basically.

By your logic agility is “demeaning” though. Agility holds no “real” purpose. Also like I’m gonna take my 12 year old arthritic dog through an agility course.

Walks only provide so much enrichment. Puzzle toys only do so much (or are those demeaning too because the dog is playing with a silly toy for food?), and basic obedience can be boring. Behavior is behavior. To a dog there is no difference between sitting when ask and providing a paw when asked.

Stop giving animals human traits. They have no concept of “demeaning”.

Ok I’m stepping in here because this is some shit. Teaching your dog to stand on its back legs has no purpose? Really? How about muscle conditioning, strengthening, which helps their hips? My dog stands on her hind legs. She also “sits pretty.” Both of which were done to build core strength. Some of that was done for agility, but I’m sure someone up above there would tell me that I’m exploiting her by doing THAT. Which is just bullshit all around. Because some dogs need a damned job. They’re bred to herd or hunt or run long distances, and sitting around the house getting fat and bored and destroying things because they’re bored is not a fucking option.

And here’s another thing. Those tricks have no value? Seriously? No. Just NO. You are WRONG. They exercise a dog’s mind and body. Not everyone wants to do agility (and not everyone has the money to do agility…agility is an expensive hobby). Not everyone has a dog who is appropriate for agility (e.g. the dog has some sort of medical issue or former injury that would make it unsafe for it to do agility). But many dogs need something to exercise their mind. Teaching them to fetch a tissue when you sneeze or teaching them to spin in circles or teaching them to roll over on command. All of that required the dog to THINK. And mental training is so important for a dog. The dog isn’t going to feel “demeaned.” Dogs do not have any understanding of what that means (just as they don’t understand jealousy or guilt). They will feel like they’re doing something that pleases their human and gets them food or a toy reward. Doing tricks is a BIG FUCKING DEAL for some dogs and they love it. So don’t act like the only thing someone can do with their dog is agility or obedience. And don’t act like training a dog to do something is demeaning.

All this shows is a complete lack of understanding about dogs, about dog training, and about the human-canine bond.

I’m not adding anything enriching to this conversation, I was really amused reading this. If a dog enjoys doing tricks, I far from see the problem. It’s one thing if you punish the dog for not performing the trick, but if the dog enjoys doing tricks then there shouldn’t be any problem with it. Potter absolutely loves doing tricks that involve his paws - such as high five, “up high,” shake, etc. I just. People. 

My local feed store has started carrying Natural Balance’s vegan pet food.

I cringed when I saw it. The amount of unhealthy, sickly, dull-coated dogs is probably about to increase significantly. 

On an unrelated note, their food rolls make awesome training treats when cut up into bite-sized pieces, and they last for-freaking-ever. So there’s a plus.

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